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Numb [11 Mar 2010|05:53pm]
Res is gone. I took a half day off work. We went outside and sat in the sun together, then we had lunch, Rex got lots of fancy dog treats and lunch meat. Then we took a nap in the bed together and finished the day watching tv snuggled together on his bed. I just wanted to hold and kiss him as much as possible. He's gone forever and that is a very long time. I have spent so many years taking care of him and the last 4 years have required almost constant care, cleaning up messes, making sure he doesn't hurt himself, carrying him around when walking got too hard,getting up at all hours of the night to take care of him, skipping vacations because we needed a in-home dog sitter to care for him. I've spent so much of my last few yetars focused on Rex that I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Life will definitely be a lot easier with him gone but it won't be better. Rex was the sweetest most loving dog I've ever met. All he wanted in life was food and love.... And a comfy bed. He was my baby and has been with me through so much. I really really love my Rex and life is going to be very empty without him.
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Holidays Outcome = Unscathed.... mostly [30 Nov 2009|02:06pm]
So.. holiday weekend was quite nice actually. Had a bit of drama Weds night when my emotions about the family situation got the better of me.. but managed to ride it out and get over it. Despite what my sis said/thinks.. letting my mom know that what she did upset me DID make a difference. She went out of her way to make time and interact with me the rest of the weekend.. it was an obvious effort and I appreciated it very much. So, my sister can go ahead and shove those feelings away and deal with it in her manner.. but communications does work for me and I do get benefits from letting people know how I feel (good and bad, it has to be both). Anyhow. Thanksgiving was fun with the family.. ate a lot.. played games, watched football, and enjoyed mimosas. It was quite lovely (despite the lack of vegetables ;) We came home and watched the Bronco game and relaxed. Spent the afternoon with a good friend on Friday and the evening with more good friends (who dropped off my foster puppy for us to puppysit, I want to keep him!!). Saturday was pure bliss.. I slept in, then migrated to the couch for an entire day of couch potato time.. Sunday morning was much of the same, then I headed out to derby practice.. which must have been just the ticket, because I managed to make it through the holiday weekend with NO weight gain! YEAH!! It's amazing what 3 hours of squatting on skates can do for you. Although, walking is a challenge today.. but a nice jog and some ab work at the gym helped loosen me up today.

So overall... a very nice weekend (not productive, I do have a paper to write this week), but relaxing, which I think I needed. Now to just get through the bday and Xmas.. and life can return to normal. Or close to it.
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Purge Time [20 Aug 2009|01:26pm]
Ok.. since this is really the only safe place to write about my most personal and intimate details.. I'd like to keep things comfortable and not be concerned with who is reading this stuff and if/when I have to filter myself. I've removed ALL friends. If you actually read this and wish to continue reading this.. comment. Otherwise, here is your free pass out. (comments screened).
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Happy Monday [13 Jul 2009|08:42am]
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Roller Derby (Recreation League) [06 Jul 2009|03:43pm]
Ok ladies.. last call! New season starts tomorrow, so anyone that is interested let me know. If you just want to come check it out and see if it's for you, that would be just dandy too! We have a lot of fun, it's not a lot of pressure, and you only have to play at your own pace. Everyone is super friendly and we just go out there, skate our butts off (literally), hit each other, and have a great time!!!

It's every Tuesday from 7-9PM (attendance is not mandatory).
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Roller Derby [23 Jun 2009|02:40pm]
Ok.. so I know a few of you had expressed interest in coming out and checking out the rec. league I skate with. This coming Sunday we are having a Meet N Greet at the RMRG warehouse (which is where we will be practicing). Our new season starts on July 7th and it will be every Tuesday from 7-9PM. We do not have attendance requirements, and while we will occasionally bout and scrimmage other teams, it is all purely optional and just for fun. The league is very laid back and everyone is really friendly.

This Sunday is just a fun skate and a chance to meet everyone and see what we're all about. The warehouse has quite a lot of spare skates and pads (although, this is just fun skating, no contact), so if anyone would like to just come on down and check it out this would be the perfect opportunity! It'll be fun!!!

Join us Sunday June 28th from 6 - 8pm


From I-25, take I-70 East. Exit on Brighton Blvd (Coliseum exit) and turn
right. Take first left at light (44th). Head back to the row of warehouses
with a fence and gate on the left. Turn left and go through the gate. 4500
Wynkoop is about the third building on the right, before the next fence and
gate. It has a port-o-potty by the front door.
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Tonight [29 May 2009|12:34pm]
So.. tonight we'll be at Kazmos celebrating Matt's birthday! Would be lovely for me to have a few of my friends there to hang out as well! There will be good live music, drinks, and cake.. did I mention cake? Pornographic cake even :) For those that haven't been.. Kazmos is right on the corner of 14th and Kalamath. Festivities kick off around 9PM =)
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Friday Night Happening [21 May 2009|04:34pm]
I will be here tomorrow.. with knitting in tow.

Friday May 22nd.
At Kazmos Lounge. 1381 Kalamath St. Denver
No Cover. 21+ 9pm



Harsh Industrial

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Writer's Block: Take Your Chances [23 Mar 2009|11:45am]
Do you think people deserve second chances?

Depends on the deed. I'm a pretty forgiving person.. but if you screw me over, I very likely won't give you the opportunity to do it again. The couple of times I have in the past, it's come back to haunt me.
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HAHAHAHAHA - Best... Question.. Ever!! [11 Mar 2009|11:34am]
Ok.. I just got a text message from my good friend asking "Do you have balls?" Well.. I'd like to think theoretically, I do.. quite big ones actually ;)

But.. in context.. we are playing requetball tonight after our mini-biggest-loser weigh-in and she wanted to know if I had balls for our game tonight.

Still funny though. (at least to me).
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Crafty Goodness!!!! [15 Jan 2009|12:34pm]
The first 3 people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those 3 lucky individuals. :-)

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make! I however, will like it or it won't be sent out in the first place!
- what I create will be just for you. That doesn't mean it will fit exactly however...
- it'll be done this year~ish.
- you have no clue what it's going to be. I may leave clues though...
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. But you knew that already, didn't you?

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you! (Obviously you can change the type of things you offer to fit you!) And, if you're overseas, you can still play too. :-)
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Writer's Block: Tricky Questions [13 Jan 2009|04:11pm]
What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?

KISS OF DEATH!!! Nothing good has ever followed those words!
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One More Thing - then I'll shut up [07 Jan 2009|03:51pm]
Anyone have any interest in roller skating on Saturday at Skate city - Littleton?
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For Fun - The Music that Defines [10 Dec 2008|01:00pm]
So.. was listening to my Pandora station and some songs came on that brought up a bunch of memories.. so I put together a quick list of 20 albums that are basically the defining albums throughout my life. Basically as I grew up, got older.. this is the music that struck me as the soundtrack for each phase. I'm sure there are tons I'm missing.. but these were the ones that came to mind first and foremost.

Those that know me well, won't be surprised by anything on this list, especially all the METAL (I loves me some good metal)Collapse )
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:) [04 Nov 2008|10:38pm]
That is all
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Free Stuff for Voting [03 Nov 2008|02:20pm]
Ok ya'll! After you vote, or if you already have.. head on over to Starbucks for a free coffee. I'm so getting my coffee on!!!
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Attn: Denver Area Cat Owners [25 Sep 2008|04:14pm]
There is an event going on where you can get your kitties microchipped for free in the Denver! Check it out at the Chip Your Cat Websit.
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Ignorance is Bliss [29 Aug 2008|03:26pm]
But not when our lives and livelihoods are at stake. I can respect differing opinions.. hell.. I'm even open to considering them.. but I don't respect apathy.
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Fiction 8 CD Release - TONIGHT [22 Aug 2008|09:16am]
Hey guys! I'll be down at Disintegration tonight pimping some goods and playing some of the new tunes. Please come down, show some love, and buy some goodies ;)

Every 4th Friday
314 E 13th Ave. Denver, CO 21+ only
Large dancefloor, 2 bars, and huge smoking patio!
Free before 9:30, $5.00 after.

Drink specials are:
$1.00 PBRs before 10:30 ($2.00 after that)
Domestic drafts are $3.00.
$3 Idol Vodkas, Pyrat Rums, & White Russians!!
$2 shot specials all night!!
Now serving Absinthe!!!
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Merch Help [21 Aug 2008|09:45am]
**Update - I got some help! YAY!

Is there anyone that'll be at Disintegration tomorrow night that would be willing to switch back and forth with me at the merch table? There's a free CD/T-shirt in it for ya???
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